Camouflage Net

"Your strongest armor on the battlefield is to see unseen"
Visual camouflage, Near Infrared Protection, Anti Thermal and Anti Radar.
#Empowering Your Defense

Personal Camouflage

TDU is a reliable manufacturer for high performance fabrics. We constantly evaluate and improve our processes and procedures.


UV   |   VIS   |   NIR   |   SWIR   |   MWIR   |   LWIR   |   RADAR
#Empowering Your Defense

TDU Defense Systems

TDU, It produces an advanced two-dimensional multi-spectrum camouflage network that is preferred for today's modern armies and prevents the enemy from detecting and identifying tanks, armored vehicles, weapon systems and command control poles with visual, thermal, night vision devices and Radars.

“Works and development projects of TDU on the management of the thermal signature and the attenuation of the radar cross-section with the Land, Navy and Air Force continue.

Our Products

The most powerful armor is to see without being seen on the battlefield

Recent Developments

We undertake that we will continuously improve our processes and carry out our activities in accordance with these laws and standards in the light of national and international laws and standards.


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We have systems compatible with all modern weapons and all kinds of military vehicles.